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Next Event: Leadership Scenarios

Evan Hackel, CEO of Tortal Learning, is going to lead these roundtables, using our facilitated roundtable experience, or FRE, method.

You can expect lightning-quick discussions which give you access to new ideas or ways of doing business.

Very little preparation is needed to start, but you will find yourself spending time following up on some of the new ideas.

You have two employees, one is a seasoned veteran who has a lot of knowledge and experience but has lost some of their enthusiasm.

The other one has tremendous enthusiasm, but not the knowledge and experience of the other team member.

Which one is likely to be the highest producer and why? What do you need to do to ensure success? 

You and your senior management team have done amazing job creating a powerful strategic plan for the company.

You’re trying to determine whether or not to share it with the entire staff, or to keep it quiet so that competitors don’t get access to the information. 

Do you share it with your team or keep it close to the vest why? What do you need to do to ensure the greatest success? 

You have some information to convey to the team. You are interested in the acting upon the information.

you think that you just need everyone to listen and follow. But you don’t want to come across as dictatorial.

How do you determine if you need feedback or just want to share the information? 

What is the right balance of positive versus negative feedback to a team member. 

Why does it matter? How would you go about providing the feedback? 

You’re an industry was high employee turnover. You desire to reduce turnover, and operate with better trained and more loyal employees.

What do you have to do differently than your competitors? How do you decide which employees are the ones that you want to keep?

Do you have a super high performing employee, a great individual contributor not team player, with a negative attitude?

This employee is indispensable. You anticipate if they were to leave you, your profitability will go down by over 10%.  They informed you they were going to quit.

How do you handle their resignation? Make every effort to keep them if so how, or let them go, if so how are you going to replace them? Why do you think this business got into the spot?

You’re thinking about opening up the second location, your first location is doing well, the staff is strong and you believe it will continue to do well even if you’re focused on location.

What are some of the factors that you need to consider and deciding to open up a new location? Is every once location operator capable of opening up a new location if so why and if not what are the skill sets that would be very important?

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